Storey slams electricity price rise

SIR - It seems that almost weekly families are faced with more depressing news, as they struggle to make ends meet. Price increases are not being matched with wage increases indeed in many cases the income of many households has suffered a reduction rather than an increase. While we all have to deal with the reality of the global economic crisis, it seems that the consumer bears the brunt of the burden while large corporate business enjoys the profit.

As the Consumer Council has stated,this increase will mean that Power NI customers’ bills will rise, on average, by £92 per year to £588. Overall, it will mean that the majority of households in Northern Ireland will have an energy bill of £2,114 per year. This is around £900 a year more than households in Great Britain, most of which rely on gas for heating.

A serious look needs to be taken to ensure that the energy regulatory framework is working to deliver the lowest possible energy prices for consumers.

Yours North Antrim DUP MLA Mervyn Storey