Frew condemns attack on GAA club

NORTH Antrim DUP Assemblyman Paul Frew DUP MLA condemned the “actions of the mindless” after graffiti was put on the exterior Walls of St Mary’s GAA Club in Rasharkin two weekends ago.

Mr Frew said: “What purpose does this serve the local community who have had to endure these attacks over the last number of years, whether it be GAA, Orange Halls, Church Halls or individual families who have been intimidated from their homes?

“This is a cowardly and senseless attack which must be condemned and which does nothing to help the people in the community who have been trying to advance community relations over the years .

“In recent weeks we had masked and hooded men and women on the streets of Rasharkin in full daylight spilling out their vile words of hatred towards the bandsmen. The week before we had youths running amok burning holes in the Main Street which has only of late had been resurfaced, now we have vandalism of property . It needs to end now so we can all move on together.”