Cunningham expresses pharmacy concerns

BALLYCASTLE SDLP councillor Donal Cunningham has slammed the Department of Health over the funding cuts to ‘Community Pharmacy’ which he said threaten services to patients.

Speaking after meeting with a number of patients who are dependent on multiple prescribed medicines he criticised the cuts which have resulted in many patients being charged £10 per month for the provision of their weekly medicine tray.

In a letter to the Times, he said: “The weekly tray (Monitored Dosage System) helps patients co-ordinate their prescribed medicines. The consequences for those who cannot afford to pay the monthly charge is potentially disastrous. The weekly tray helps patients get the best from their medication and delivers real improvements in health.

“The cutbacks will hit the most vulnerable in our community - older people, parents with young children, people with a mental illness and people from disadvantaged backgrounds”

“I urge everyone with concerns to contact the Department of Health’s Patient and Client Council.”