Police working with BT to stop attacks

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Moyle police are working alongside BT after a number of deliberate attacks on BT telecommunication points in the local area.

On several occasions phone wires have been cut from telegraph poles and rely boxes have been smashed open and wires slashed. The most recent being late last month when vandals cut vital phone wires from telegraph poles along Torr Road, Ballycastle – leaving residents in a 20 mile+ radius without any access to phones if an emergency situation arose.

Inspector Bryan Hume of Moyle PSNI: “We believe that this amounts to mindless criminal damage and we are working hard to identify those involved.

“People potentially could be left isolated and vulnerable due to these lines being cut and vital means of communication lost.

“I would ask that if anyone has information locally on this criminal damage, they contact Moyle police on 0845 600 8000.”

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