Paisley presses for A26 project funding

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North Antrim MP Ian Paisley Jnr has urged the Finance Minister to re-allocate funding for the A5 project to be used to upgrade the A26 in terms of road safety.

In a letter to Simon Hamilton, the MP expressed his “grave concern” aboout road safety on the A26 and aksed him to urgently find resources to upgrade the road.

“I want to appeal to you on behalf of my constituents and with the support of my colleagues Cllr Paul Frew MLA, David McIlveen MLA and Cllr Mervyn Storey MLA that you urgently find the resources to upgrade this road,” wrote Mr Paisley.

“I understand that the A5 is not to be proceeded with and I hope that the resources could be found from there.

“In the last twenty five years, 22 people have perished on the A26.

“Numerous accidents causing long tail backs and preventing commerce has occurred.

“If we are to secure more business to the North East of Ulster, we must ensure this road is upgraded without delay,” he concluded.