New single is number 10 for local star Liam

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One of North Antrim’s most enduring artistes, Liam McLaughlin, has a new single on the market this week.

The man who has been in the business for more than three decades has demonstrated his undoubted talents by not only writing the words for the song but also arranging the music.

Entitled “Ireland is my Homeland,’ the song is about a man who cannot get work in his native County - Mayo - and who decides to go to America in search of fame and

“It is a tale of immigration. I did think of using Antrim instead of Ireland, but had used that in a previous song,” Liam told the Times.

Followers of the Ballymoney man will be disappointed to learn that this could be Liam’s last foray into the recording world.

“This is my tenth effort and I always said when I reached double figures I would stop,” he added.

That may be the case but what is certain not to stop is Liam’s many appearances on local stages.

He has proved popular at old time dances and the like and Liam revealed his diary has many bookings in the coming weeks and months including trips to Scotland.

Local people can get the single at Simpsons Newsagents in Main Street, Ballymoney.