Moyle SF Chair receives 'death threats'

THE Sinn Fein Chairperson of Moyle Council, Cllr Cara McShane, has told how she received three "death threats" in the 25 minutes running up to Monday's night's Council meeting in Ballycastle.

Starting the meeting a few minutes late, she told councillors she received the threats from "somebody purporting to be from the Orange Volunteers - but I'm still here and alive".

SDLP councillor Madeline Black said it was a "dreadful" situation and Cllr Catherine McCambridge (SDLP) also sympathised with the plight of the councillor.

Cllr McShane continued to Chair the meeting.

On Tuesday morning, Cllr McShane told the Times: "I think it was just a crank who is ringing a number of Sinn Fein people. Police have traced calls to other parts of Europe and although I am not saying this person is linked to any organisation the calls seem to be near army bases.

"Between 6.30pm and 7pm last night I received three phone calls from a man with a very strong English accent who said he represented the Orange Volunteers and said 'you are going to be shot tonight'.

"You have to take these threats seriously and other senior Sinn Fein people have received similar calls as well as party colleagues in north Antrim in the past.

"It is unnerving and whilst you do take this thing seriously I think it just the work of a crank and I don't think there is anything sinister," said the Cllr McShane.

She said she contacted police about the matter and will meet them to give them permission to contact her mobile phone provider so police can attempt to trace where the calls came from.

"I hope these type of calls come to an end," said Cllr McShane.