Moyle Planning notes in brief

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Moyle Cllr Sandra Hunter has hit out at “prematurity” being given as a reason for turning down planning applications.

She was speaking at Monday night’s meeting of Moyle District Council when an application for an extension to a house in Bushmills was turned down by Planners.

Once of the three reasons given was that the application was contrary to the Draft Northern Area Plan 2016 on the grounds of prematurity.

“This is a disgrace,” said Cllr Hunter.

“There are four cases here tonight which are turned down due to prematurity regarding the Draft Area Plan.

“I think we need to be asking the new Causeway Coast and Glens Council to prioritise this,” she said.

Cllr Joan Baird said that the “legality” of refusing plans due to prematurity should be looked at.

Cllr Sharon McKillop asked for a two week deferral on a decision on the plans for 19 Causeway Road in Bushmills.

A Planning representative at the meeting said that the Draft Area Plan would be going forward to the new Council for them to review.

Bushmills house turned down

A plan for a house south east of the Causeway Road in Bushmills has been turned down.

The application hy Alan Laverty was turned down by Planners for five reasons including prematurity, being detrimental to the landscape and not providing suitable access.

Cllr Robert McIlroy said he had been asked to request a MLA meeting to discuss the matter further.

Causeway Road plan refused

An extension to a house in Bushmills has been refused by Planners as it was deemed unsympathetic to the existing property and would unduly affect the neighbouring residents.

Cllr Joan Baird asked for a MLA meeting to discuss the matter further.

She said that the applicants have had “five different opinions from five different planners and have changed their plans to accommodate them”.

She said the application was for an extension to a cottage built in 1898 with was totally unsatisfactory in terms of space.

“We intend to fight this vigorously,” she said.

Solar panels refused

A planning application for solar panels in Ballycastle have been rejected by Planners.

The scheme was for a farm diversification project at land south east of Whitepark Road but was rejected by Planners due to an “adverse impact” on an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and fears that it would “adversely affect the setting of Mount Druid House”.

Cllr Joan Baird said she couldn’t see why the scheme was refused as “you can’t see the panelling from anywhere except the applicant’s farmyard.”

Cllr Donal Cunningham asked for an office meeting to discuss the matter further.