Moyle councillors clash over what to do in dog case

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COUNCILLORS in Moyle have clashed over taking a person to court for not having licences for two dogs, writes Nevin Farrell.

A fixed penalty notice was issued but not paid and the Council policy is then to take such cases to court.

A Council report stated: ‘It is Council policy that legal proceedings be instigated in the event of non-payment of fixed penalties for keeping a dog without a licence and maintains the integrity of the fixed penalty notice system.’

However, when the matter was discussed at a Council meeting in Ballycastle, Cllr Joan Baird said policies didn’t have to be “so black and white” and she said the Council did not have to be “mean” with their constituents.

Cllr Robert McIlroy said it seemed some councillors “want to be judge and jury” but Cllr Baird said evidence is not evidence until it goes to court and added: “This is not a court, this is the Council.”

Cllr Colum Thompson said if the Council has a policy they should follow it and said each case should not be brought before councillors.

Seven councillors voted for the case to go to court and four were against.