Rain, rain and more rain!

Valerie Watson wit sandbags at her home on Rathlin Road

Valerie Watson wit sandbags at her home on Rathlin Road

IT may not have come anywhere near the major problems of flooding in the South of England, but North Antrim didn’t fully escape the storms that has become a feature of the UK weather in recent weeks.

The first real snow of the winter came on Tuesday afternoon and left many motorists having to crawl at snail’s pace to make their way home from work.

Driving conditions proved treacherous and one of the worst hit areas was Ballycastle where heavy rain melted the snow and, in turn, led to severe flooding in places.

Ballycastle resident, Valerie Watson, took the sensible precaution of putting out sandbags and other homeowners kept their fingers crossed that the situation didn’t get out of control.

Many roads were flooded after heavy spells of rain bringing brought water gushing from the fields.

One local farmers explained: “The recent heavy spell of rain is really hitting us hard. Our fields are becoming saturated making early Spring planting for the summer extremely difficult to do. The weather forecast is predicting even more rain and this is going to do nothing but damage to our livelihood.”

Particularly hazardous were pools of water on the roads with many drivers caught out as a result.

Ballymoney police confirmed reports of flooding were reported near the Bann Road, close to the Agivey Bridge which was ‘passed on the Roads Service’,

At least one home in the Moyle area was flooded but generally the situation didn’t get out of control.


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