Great Year Eight Spelling Bee

Top spellers 2014. INBM25-14S

Top spellers 2014. INBM25-14S

Three pupils from 8M, representing Armour House, won a hard-fought competition in the fourth annual Year 8 spelling competition at Dalriada School.

Throughout the year, all first year pupils have been learning sixty new words of a higher order from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, in their English classes. Not only did they learn each spelling, but also, and very importantly, the meaning, so they will be able to use this ambitious vocabulary in their own writing.

Very well done to the following pupils, the top fifteen spellers in Year 8:

M – ARMOUR: 1. Jenny Stevenson, 2. Katie Dunlop, 3. Bethany Purdy. R – CALVERT: 1. Adam Henry, 2. Kirsty Taggart, 3. Kelsey Glass. S – GORDON: 1. Scott Knowles, 2. Hannah Baxter, 3. Aoife White. T – REYNOLDS: 1. Kate Dalzell, 2. Sophie Scott, 3. Sophie Ellis. W –ROSS: 1. Ross Hennessey, 2. Auriel Guarino, 3. Dylan O’Kane.

The final round consisted of three new words which were not from Animal Farm - inseparable, limousine and privilege - and, in the end, Katie Dunlop, Bethany Purdy and Jenney Stevenson won through with a super 36/36, narrowly defeating the runners-up by only one point.


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