Leave law to the police - Storey

The shooting of a man in Ballymoney on Sunday night was the last thing the town needed at an important time for traders in the run up to Christmas, North Antrim MLA, Mervyn Storey has said.

The incident left motorists unable to access the area around St. James’s housing estate on the Portrush Road for a period on Monday morning, but on a more general note, Mr Storey said that incident coupled with another when a man was beaten with iron bars in the ParkView area, was unwanted publicity for the town.

Condemning both incidents, Mr Storey said: “There is a proper law and order structure in place in which police investigate and deal with whatever or whoever is deemed to be law-breakers not for individuals or groups to take the law into their own hands.

“This morning, the town finds itself hugely disrupted. There are care homes, the Regional College, Dalriada and Model schools which could not be accessed in the normal way because of the shooting not to mention the annoyance to people living in the area.

“We do not need this type of activity in our town. The Christmas lights are being switched in a week’s time and given the tough economic conditions traders are dependant on getting increased sales