Joint remembrance at 'Island of Ireland' Week

THE annual commemoration 'Island of Ireland' week is yet again to be held in Londonderry-Derry over the weekend of Friday 4th – 6th June 2010.

As part of the event the International School for Peace Studies will be laying wreaths at the grave of John Meeke MM with local dignitaries on Saturday 5th June at 11.15am at Derrykeighan as part of the Island of Ireland week.

The Londonderry man responsible for the commemoration and for setting up the International School for Peace Studies in Belgium, Glen Barr said: "it is all very fine parading and socialising in Belgium and France but it is on the streets of the towns and cities of this island that we must display our appreciation for those who fought and died together in foreign battlefields and through their sacrifice learn to co-exist on this island."

For years, during events in Messines – where the International School for Peace Studies is based – the Irish flag has flown alongside the United Kingdom flag and the banners of other nations, who fought in WWI. The Battle of Messines is central to the ethos of the ISPS, because nationalists of the 16th Irish Division and unionist of the 36th Ulster Division fought side by side.

Invitations are being extended to M.P's, M.L.A's, T.D.'s, Political Parties, Councils, Military Associations, International representatives including Embassy's, Consuls, and the general public.