Independent Orange Order supports cancer charity

2012 saw the Independent Orange Order set up the “Grand Master’s Charity” and their first benefactor was The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children. A year of fundraising by way of events including a charity dinner in the ILOI Hall, Ballymoney, was brought to a close at the annual meeting of Grand Lodge in January.

The sum of £2,500 was raised for the charity and this was presented to Mr Andrew McAteer, Director of Commercial Operations for the charity, on Saturday February 2 at Pine and Birch Cottages, Loughan Road, Coleraine, by Imperial Grand Master Rt Wor Bro Alan McLean and members of the Order’s charity committee, Wor Bro James Anderson DIGM, Wor Bro RJ Johnston PIGM and Wor Bro Drew McIntyre.

The cottages are owned by the Cancer Fund for Children and are used to facilitate short breaks for families of recently diagnosed children.

Mr McAteer thanked the order for their kind and generous gift. The Order is already making plans for this year’s charity which is Meningitis Research Foundation.