Ignite your passion for evangelism at Drumreagh with ‘Taming the Tiger’ Tony Anthony

IF you are interested in reaching others for Christ, you might benefit from a ‘Passion Ignited’ conference that’s happening at Wellington Presbyterian Church on Saturday 19 January from 10am until 5pm.

Organised by Avanti Ministries in partnership with Ballymoney based organisation ‘Because He Lives’ the event is open to everyone. Six main topics will be covered, namely sharing an effective testimony; methods of proclaiming the gospel; understanding the battle for souls; forms of persuasion and the Biblical basis for evangelism.

Promotional material for the conference states: “When you first strike a match there are just enough ingredients to fan a flame.

“We believe that ever Christian has just enough ingredients inside them to fan a flame of passion that can spread the gospel across the world.”

‘Passion Ignited is a dynamic event designed to equip Christians with sound biblical understanding, effective practical tools and an ignited passion to reach family, friends, work colleagues and complete strangers regardless of their colour, culture or creed with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Our desire is to see your passion for the Gospel ignited and your spiritual gifts fan into flames. (1 Timothy 1:6) This is an event not to be missed.”

Speaking at the event will be Avanti Ministries founding evangelist Tony Anthony, author of ‘Taming the Tiger.’

He will be accompanied by his colleagues George Osborn and John Lawson.

All three men have inspiring and powerful testimonies concerning the impact of God’s grace in their lives.

Tony Anthony will also be speaking at morning worship at Portstewart Presbyterian Church the following day (Sunday 20 January) at 10.30am.

George Osborn will be speaking at morning service at Ballykeel Pentecostal Church that same day at 11am and again at Drumreagh Presbyterian Church in the evening at 6.30pm.

Attendance at Saturday’s Passion Ignited conference costs just £10 for a full day’s teaching. Log on to www.avantiministries.com for more information.