Fuel prices putting people under ‘severe pressure’

THE price of petrol at the pumps is placing people in Moyle and elsewhere under severe pressure, Sinn Fein councillor Noreen McAllister said.

She has secured the backing of Moyle Council in calling for action.

Said Cllr McAllister: “The price is at an all time high, with diesel close behind. The ongoing increases means that people are unable to run their family cars which is a barrier to their work, involvement and participation in community life. The cost to heat homes which is an absolute necessity especially for the elderly and those who are in ill health is also a massive issue.

“The present tax burden has become so high that not alone is it causing very severe hardship but significantly adding to the ever increasing dole queues. The effects will be felt even harder in rural communities where public transport infrastructure is not sufficient and people rely on their cars.

“I asked Moyle District Council to agree with me to condemn the forthcoming 3 pence rise in the cost of fuel and notes that our people pay some of the highest fuel costs in Europe and calls on the Executive to start negotiations with the British Government regarding the devolution of powers on fuel duty. This motion was passed.”