Forced into integrated school

SIR, Once again the Protestant people have been forced into an integrated school.

I am on recordsaying this would happen if parents who had a say sat back and thought ‘I don’t need to vote on this issue. It will be ok.’

This has been our problem for years. We think someone else will sort it out. Well once again the people who didn’t vote let the left wing liberal do-gooders get their way.

Why not target the Catholic primary in the town? As said before we don’t want to be seen as sectarian. The Catholic parents and their elected political representatives would have fought it tooth and nail along with the parish priest and rightly so.

Ten out of ten to them, as they are prepared to stand up an fight issues like this. Unfortunately our local clergy and MOST of OUR elected representatives are weak and soft and don’t want to rock the boat.

Parents who voted in favour of it along with those who didn’t vote (they are biggest culprits) should be ashamed of themselves. We will have lost a core area for our children to find out our culture and history.

Whilst not enough of OUR history is taught in schools, this move will totally eradicate any chance of future pupils from OUR background going to this school from ever being taught about it in school.

I believe some parents have made the BRAVE step of taking their children out of the school. I applaud them for this and would encourage more parents to do the same.

Anybody from my tradition who thinks I am wrong feel free to reply to this letter through this paper.

Put your name to the article as any response with no name is a gutless action.

One final comment. People might say I have no right to pen this letter as I’m not from here. I pay taxes and have a son who will be of primary school age soon.The Model might have been an option depending on my family’s work commitments. No chance now though.

Jim Wright,


(despondent parent).