Finlay concern for Rasharkin roads

Speaking after receiving a negative response from DRD Roads Service to his request for the gritting of the urban section of Duneany Road in Rasharkin, DUP Councillor John Finlay said: “I am very disappointed that DRD Roads Service has rejected my request to consider gritting the section of Duneany Road in Rasharkin from Main Street to the bend just beyond the 30mph speed limit. They state that that this area does not meet the criteria for winter salting.

“They have reminded me that there are salt piles and a salt bin in the area for public use, and have also stated that they are happy to consider requests from the school principal for help. However, while that is welcome, I remain concerned about the safety and welfare of those travelling to and from the nearby school in Bamford Park on days when there is ice or snow.

“My fear is that there is going to be an accident and, if someone is injured, then it will be too late. I would again appeal to Roads Service to take another look at this issue. By spending a little extra money now, they might avoid an unfortunate accident and possible injury to pupils or their parents. What price can we put on health and safety?”