Exellent results at Dalriada Prep

DALRIADA Prep PTA Committee has sent congratulations to all the Year 7’s who recently received their results of the AQE and GL assessments.

Of those who sat the AQE assessments, 90% of pupils achieved the mean score of 100 or above. 45% of pupils were in quintile 1 (112+) and 25% were in quintile 2 (107-111).

3 pupils sat the GL assessment and all attained an A grade.

A Dalrida Prep PTA Committee spokesperson said: “These results are a testimony to the hard work and dedication of the teaching staff. This, in combination with the pastoral care and support ethos of Dalriada Prep, allows each pupil to achieve their full potential in a safe and happy environment.

“We wish the children every continued success as they leave the Prep. With special thanks to their teacher, Mrs Gillian McConnell, who nurtured the pupils during Year 6 and 7.”