Couple set to ‘tie the knot’ after Rope Bridge proposal

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CARRICK-a-Rede has always had an air of romantic beauty about it - the fear of crossing the rickety rope bridge dissolving into experiencing unexpected peace and tranquillity of uninterrupted views across the seas of Moyle to Rathlin and far off Scotland.

Andrew Woods definitely agrees: this was the place where he and Aine Rafferty first fell in love during a day trip round the North Coast, sitting on the island, just talking and holding hands.

Fast forward five years, and when Andrew wanted to propose to Aine in as romantic a way as possible, he knew the only place that could be was Carrick-a-Rede Island.

A National Trust spokesperson said: “He contacted the National Trust and, for such a reason, how could we say no? So, to the background of the Ulster String Quartet, on a sunny Saturday evening in August, Aine Rafferty agreed to marry him.

‘Whilst we have many engagements on the bridge itself (not all of them successful!), no one has wanted the whole island to themselves for such a purpose. This took a lot of arranging, organising and keeping quiet – we hope that the surprise was worth it for Aine.

“The National Trust at Carrick-a-Rede and the Ulster String Quartet were delighted to be part of this couple’s story and wish them every happiness for the future,” said the spokesperson.