Coronary Care unit praise

On the morning of Septmber 6th after being admitted to A&E at the Causeway Hospital, I suffered a heart attack and Almighty God in his mercy used the skilled nursing care of doctors and nurses to keep me alive. I have been a patient in the Coronary Care unit since then and for nine weeks I have waited for a heart bypass and valve surgery to be performed in the RVH in Belfast.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for all the excellent care and constant attention I have received in the CCU where the manager is Sister Elaine Herald and deputy sister Julie Milford. I am very thankful to God for these and the consultants, doctors, nurses, catering staff and cleaners etc for all their efficient and devotion to duty to me as as well as to every other patient. Each of us as patients was made to feel special in the CCU in the Causeway Hospital. Sincerest thanks also to the Northern Health and Social Care Trust for all the professionalism and efficiency.

Robert Hanna, retired minister, Cloughmills