Confined to the home?

Ann was working in a busy office, had a regular social life, with two weeks holidays each year. She and her husband Bill were planning for their retirement. However things started to change when Bill became forgetful and he was eventually diagnosed with dementia.

Ann’s life changed dramatically. She had to give up her job at the office to become the sole carer for husband. The social life and social network that she was used to, disappeared. She lost all contact with co-workers and friends and she felt left on her own.

Ann now spends all her time confined to the home with only her husband Bill. Ann feels her role as a carer is a lonely isolating job. Other than the postman or the milkman she does not see a solitary soul all day long.

Due to Bill’s condition Ann cannot go anywhere alone. Bill has to go with her everywhere and a trip to the shops is an ordeal. She often goes without and more than often she finds herself confined to the home.

Some carers may be cut of from their normal social network and may often be confined to the home.

There are many people like Ann with caring responsibilities in our community who face these situations every day of the week. The simple task of going to the shop, going to the hairdressers, going out for a coffee, getting an hour to themselves is virtually impossible.

Causeway Volunteer Centre is currently assessing the need of CARERS in Coleraine, Ballymoney and Moyle area. If you are or know of someone in a situation similar to Ann’s we would like you to help us to by answering a few questions. We have compiled a questionnaire to assess people’s needs and we would welcome your responses. This information will assist us in a forthcoming report to highlight the needs of carers in our Causeway area.

Closing date for responses is Friday 30th September 2011 at 4pm. Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.

Questionnaires can be obtained by contacting: Causeway Volunteer Centre.