Bridge issues raised

North Antrim Assembly Member Mervyn Storey has once again raised the issue of disabled passengers experiencing difficulties using the new bridge at Ballymoney railway station with the Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy.

In addressing the Assembly the North Antrim MLA stated that, “there are people with disabilities who cannot access in a practical way the new bridge, which is, I believe, something of worth and value to the station.”

He then sought assurances from the Minister that “an alternative can be put in place to facilitate that small number of my constituents who are set at a disadvantage because of the current arrangement?”

Minister Kennedy has offered to meet Mr. Storey to discuss the matter further.

Speaking afterwards Mr. Storey commented: “The Minister knows I am not simply going to give up on this issue.

“I believe that a solution can be arrived at, and I will be working closely with Translink and the department to find a way of accommodating those people who at present cannot access the bridge.”

Mr. Storey had raised an issue at a recent meeting of Ballymoney Borough Council but said he could not go into detail as the matter was still under investigation.

It was stated at the meeting that the bridge met all the requirements for those with disabilities.