BBC’s Travelling Picture Show comes to Ballymoney

GLORIA Hunniford has taken to the road with a unique travelling cinema In The Travelling Picture Show on BBC One Northern Ireland where she meets the people who made the films, those that appear in them and those with a story to tell, as they all come along to the Travelling Picture Show tent to see themselves and their town on the silver screen - and Ballymoney’s included!

In this brand new series for BBC Northern Ireland Gloria and the travelling cinema share with the residents of four local towns their stories, characters, celebrations and events as captured by local film makers over the past 80 years.

Featured in the series are people and films from Newry and Bessbrook, Ballymoney, Enniskillen, Richill and Gloria’s hometown of Portadown.

In the second programme the team are in Ballymoney where local film makers share their films of the town and its people over the last 50 years, including workers at Ireland’s only camera factory in the 1950s, the ‘good buddies’ of CB radio marching on Stormont in the 1970s and the legacy of

prolific local film maker Charlie McAfee.

“Some of the home movies we were given for the series are just captivating,” said

series producer Jane Magowan, “and the oldest piece of film dates back to 1932, Charles Lamb filmed his baby son’s first steps at their home in Portadown. Now 82, Charlie Lamb came along to the Travelling Picture Show tent and recalled his father’s love of film.”

There were some real surprises too, such as Ballymoney man William Campbell’s film of a CB radio rally at Stormont in the late 1970s or Colonel Tracey’s film of the unveiling of a brand new Ferguson tractor in the main street in Augher in the 1950s – unpacked from a huge cardboard box to the delight of the assembled crowd of farmers.

Each programme was built around the films and stories from a particular town and each one reveals something fresh and surprising about places we thought we knew.

The Travelling Picture Show will be shown on BBC One Northern Ireland, Monday, February 25 at 7.30pm.