Ballymoney reader warns others of fake Royal Mail email

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A Ballymoney and Moyle Times reader has contacted the paper to warn others about a fake Royal Mail email which is in circulation.

The Ballymoney lady, who does not wish to be named, received the email which she said was “very professional looking”.

She told the Times: “I am normally very wary about emails that I am not expecting.

“But at this time of year when you are expecting parcels to arrive, I thought I should open this email when I saw that it said Royal Mail were holding a parcel for me.

“The email was so professional looking with the red and gold logo but it was only when I was asked to fill in details that I became suspicious.”

The woman then rang Royal Mail Customer Services helpline which is relaying a message that the company has been alerted to the fact that there is an email in circulation “incorrectly claiming” to come from Royal Mail.

The advice message urges anyone who receives the email NOT to open it as it will download a “malicious virus” into the customer’s computer.

The message continues that Royal Mail “abhors” any actions which uses the company’s name to “defraud” invididuals.