Landslide at Orra mountain road

The landslide at Orra. INBM32-14KMA

The landslide at Orra. INBM32-14KMA

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A landslide left several hundred tonnes of peat bog across a stretch of road between Cushendall and Magherahoney at the weekend.

The Orra mountain road was closed on Saturday night and remained closed on Sunday evening pending investigation by Roads Service.

Looking at the aftermath of the landslide. INBM32-14 KMA

Looking at the aftermath of the landslide. INBM32-14 KMA

Independent Councillor Padraig McShane who visited the scene said: “Many smaller roads in the Glens were impassable and will require a substantial clean up operation after severe flooding in the area.

“Substantial damage has also been done to river banks and structures in the path of fast flowing rivers. I would appeal to those who will be using the rivers to be mindful of their safety as parts of the structures and the banks themselves will be ready to give way.

“I would call on the Rivers Agency to inspect the rivers and make good and repairs that undoubtedly need to be carried out.”

The Independent councillor continued: “Roads Service delivered pallets of sand bags to areas most affected by the deluge. “Flooding has almost become a seasonal curse on the area with people and livestock most affected.

“An unprecedented 41mm of rainfall recorded at Ballypatrick weather station fell in six hours on Saturday afternoon. This has led to the significant damage we are witnessing now.”

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