Appeal to support campaign on fuel prices

A growing number of people from Ballymoney and Moyle are expressing concern at how they having to struggle with the crippling price of petrol and diesel at the pumps.

As a consequence, an appeal has been issued through the media asking people to respond to a national ‘call to action’. Prices are said to be threatening to tip the whole country back into recession.

The FairFuelUK campaign is becoming increasingly popular with local businesses and the community.

Last year, those behind it successfully led the fight to stop the Government inflicting fuel duty rises which would have inflicted another 9p per litre.

The Government takes a staggering 84p in tax on every litre. More shockingly, it is aiming to take another 3p per litre from August this year at a time when oil prices are still rising.

“We believe this will be a catastrophe for every local community in the country and so we are pressurising the Government into cutting petrol and diesel taxes in the March 21st budget to save the economy,” a statement said.

“We are asking individuals, representatives of businesses, town/parish councils, charities and voluntary groups whose lives are being threatened by petrol & diesel prices to join us. It is easy to do and it really will have an impact. To find out more call: Peter Carroll 07866 800755, Howard Cox 07515 421611, Lynne Beaumont 07885 940945

Email: Full details of National FairFuel Day are at FairFuelUK The Puffins Peene FOLKESTONE.