SEAT introduce the Mii and Ibiza Toca editions

editorial image

editorial image

Toca is the Spanish word for 'touch', giving a fairly obvious clue as to the particular bonus that buyers get when choosing one of these new models.

Toca models come with the very useful SEAT Portable touch screen system, first introduced to the SEAT range with the Mii city car. The Mii Toca is based on the 1.0 60 PS SE version, and adds the SEAT Portable System and rear parking sensors - both especially useful in the car's natural environment, the busy city streets. At full retail price, the additional outlay for the Mii Toca edition over the SE is a modest 475. In the Ibiza Toca, buyers get a set of 16-inch 'Stratos' alloy wheels along with the SEAT Portable System, for a 425 premium over the SE car on which it's based.



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